Egg Whisk Splatter Guard
Egg Whisk Splatter Guard
Egg Whisk Splatter Guard
Egg Whisk Splatter Guard
Egg Whisk Splatter Guard
Egg Whisk Splatter Guard

Egg Whisk Splatter Guard

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🥚🍳Cut back on kitchen messes forever!🥚🍳

Prevent splash and splatter when using an electric mixer with this Egg Whisk Splatter Guard! Feel the freedom to make meals for your loved ones without worrying about a huge mess on your counter.

The ribs allow the guard to fit snugly and securely on multiple sized bowls. Made of top-grade premium materials that’s durable and can withstand daily or long-term use. Features a handle and soft silicone braces for easy on and off, which also lets you to quickly remove residues on the whisker. Change the way you whisk from now on! 


  • Splash & Splatter-free Whisking – Keeps the splatter alone in the bowl. Effectively prevent splashing during break eggs or foaming milk.
  • Universal Snug Fitting – Perfectly sized to fit most models of bowls and whisk, whether it’s manual or electronic.
  • Cuts Cleaning Time – It helps cut back on cleaning time by eliminating the mess in the first place. Simple to clean, just pop it in the dishwasher when you're done.
  • It’s a Spatula Too – With its unique design that allows you to wipe out the bowl - even bowls with edges.
  • Less Mess, More Food This cover guard helps minimize food waste by keeping whatever you're mixing inside the bowl, not all over the table or all over you!
  • Includes Convenient Handle – Efficiently control and hold the guard to minimize movement while whisking.




Material: PP + Silicone

Size: 34 x 31 x 1.5 cm




1 X Egg Whisk Splatter Guard

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